These days the videogames are more and more addictive, there are the hobby of many people in the world ! As you know the videogames can become a drug, but for a majority of people there are just a desire , a pastime, a way to have goals, a way to forget the problems of real life...

Now the interview sequence :

Our special correspondent went in search of pupils who are addicted :


«What is your favorite game ?»


Afzal : «It is BattleField 4»

Papia :«My favorite game is Mario Kart»

Mouad : «My favorite game is Fifa and Call of Duty and GTA»

Malek : «My favorite game is Star Wars the Old Republic»

Yacine : «My favorite game is Elsword»


«Are you an addicted to this game?»


Afzal : «Just a little»

Papia : «No but I'm an addict of candy Crush Saga»

Mouad : «I'm a little addicted»

Malek : «I am very addicted to this game, I can play it 8 hours but for the moment I do not play it anymore»

Yacine : «Yes I'm addicted, I can stay on it a very long time»

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